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What We're All About
Embrace, practice and teach the legacy of fly fishing and responsible stewardship of our natural world.
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BFA 2017 Flood Tide Video
Fly fishing the flood tide in Jacksonville, FL for redfish from kayaks...awesome!
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Fly Fishing
"I've made some great friends and started catching more fish on fly since I joined the club."
Phil Triano
Phil Triano
BFA Member
Fly Tying
"My involvement in the BFA has encouraged me to get out on the water to fly fish.”
Wendy Radwan
Wendy Radwan
BFA Member
Giving Back
"My BFA pals and I volunteer for Coastal Conservation's a rewarding way to support our fisheries!"
Cas Summers
Cas Summers
BFA Member
Another Beautiful Florida Friday
Wendy's Queen Fish
That's A Big Redfish
Not Your Average Trout
Looking for Reds
Large Mouth Bass On Fly
First Redfish On Fly
Sweet Florida Large Mouth Bass
Sky On Fire
The Trout Are Bigger In Florida
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